Michael Ojo, a Nigerian Basketball player abroad has died at the age of 27 during a training session in the Serbian capital on Friday.

Igor Vujicin, Red's Star spokesperson told AFP “We are deeply saddened by the news”

The late Nigerian basketball player was born in Lagos. With an amazing height of 2.16 metre (7ft 1in), he played for Florida State University in the United States before coming to Europe to start his professional career.

Red Star’s spokesperson has not confirm the cause of Michael Ojo's death. However, some local media has reported that Ojo suffered a heart attack.

After being a team player at the Belgrade team FMP Zeleznik, Michael Ojo then moved to European giants Red Star, where he spent two seasons and quickly rose to become the fan's favourite. Michael Ojo has been without a club since June 30 but was still training with Red Star.

Red Star has released a statement after  the announcement of the loss of Michael Ojo, 
“The sudden and shocking death of Michael Ojo has deeply affected everyone — players, coaches and the management of a club that accepted him from the first day, and that he considered his own”

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